Helping Kingdom Leaders Grow
& Lead In A More Excellent Way.

After years of training new ministers, Pastors, and other Leaders, at Holy Spirit’s leading, Destiny World Training Institute was officially birthed in June 2020. A place where Kingdom leaders can connect to receive impartation and instruction and be refreshed for the next level or phase of their Kingdom assignment.

Destiny World Training Institute (DWTI) is that place! A safe place of equipping, building, strengthening, and catapulting Kingdom Leaders at any level of ministry through biblically based training.

The mission of DWTI is to help Kingdom Leaders grow and lead in a more excellent way. To strengthen them in their core areas and provide biblical foundations to increase their capacity for kingdom service.

We are NOT a Bible college and do not offer any degree programs. However, our institute provides quality instruction with courses that will challenge the norms of what may have already been taught in leadership and/or ministry. This is an excellent training and development program for ministers on all levels.

Our courses bring greater clarity to the work the student is doing while meeting the biblical requirements of the One who has commissioned the work. We aim to challenge thought processes and mindsets, strengthen existing skills, and give insight and biblical instruction in needed areas.

DWTI is the place where leaders grow, flourish, and succeed in God!

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